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Roger BeckettMy name is Roger Beckett and I am the founder of Pintar Rapido Amsterdam.

Pintar Rapido is open to artists of all skill levels from professionals and amateurs right through to beginners.

It's aims are:

How it started.  In 2012 I was staying in a small village in Catalonia called Horta De Sant Juan. Horta’s claim to fame is that Picasso painted several early Cubist paintings in the village of which La Fábrica (The Factory) is probably the most famous. As I walked through the village one morning on my way to buy bread I was surprised to see artists with easels painting away on the streets. I was enthralled, I had never seen an artist at work before. They painted all day and their work was hung that evening in the town hall for the mayor and his judging committee to select winners. The whole village turned out to see the day’s work and celebrate their home.

The experience inspired me to do two things: to pick up a pencil and brush and start sketching and painting for myself, the second was to come back to London and launch Pintar Rapido.

Pintar Rapido is only made possible by the support of volunteers and sponsors to whom I am enormously grateful, and of course you all the artists and visitors.  I hope it inspires you to join in, either as an artist or visitor to the exhibition.


Pablo Picasso La Fábrica, oil on canvas, 53x60cm. 1909.