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How to take part

Virtually every corner of Amsterdam offers scenes to inspire the artist, whatever your style or level of experience. Canals, historic buildings, the river Ij, busy streets and modern architecture all come together in a vibrant urban backdrop.

Pintar Rapido sets you the challenge of painting a scene of Amsterdam in a day. Your artwork is then automatically entered into the €1,000 Pintar Prize and displayed in a selling exhibition the following day at the Posthoornkerk on Amsterdam's busy Haarlemmerstraat.

You choose your subject and how you paint it. Oils, watercolours, acrylic, drawing, pastels, pen and ink and other mediums – all are welcomed.

Taking part involves five simple steps:

1. Buy an Artist's Pass now . The Pass costs €20 + €1.95 booking fee and it covers all the costs of taking part, including:

Category One -amateur artists: if you are unfamiliar with exhibiting and you recognise yourself as belonging to this group, Pintar Rapido ask you to regard our guide price and put your picture up for sale for a price between €50 - €250.

Category Two- professional and semi-professional artists: If you are confident about pricing because you have exhibited and sold your work on a regular basis you are welcome to set your own selling price.

The pictures will all be hung in the main hall and in two sections. Those that are valued at €50 - €300, and those pieces of work with an asking price of €300 plus.‚Äč 

Prizes will also be awarded separately across the two categories. See prizes here.

2. Painting Day Saturday September 3.

Artists should come to Pintar Rapido HQ at the Posthoornkerk, Haarlemmerstraat 124-126, 1013 EX Amsterdam. between 9.00am and 11.00am to sign-in,  bringing with you:

After registration artists may go off to enjoy creating their picture, but must return  with the finished artwork by 6pm as we close check-in at 7pm, where it will be labeled ready for hanging. With the picture, you should give us your completed registration form including the title of your work, and the price at which you wish to offer it for sale. 

3. Hanging. We recommend that you frame your finished picture, so that it will hang better and be as attractive as possible to potential buyers. We provide frame storage space (at your own risk) while you're out painting, plus desks for framing on. Whether your painting is framed or unframed, you must attach a wire or cord to it before you check it in, as we can’t do this for you and it must be ready to hang on hooks when you give it to us. The only exception is works on paper, which will be hung with pins.

We will hang all the pictures overnight.  Please note that we can’t leave paintings to dry overnight before hanging, so if your painting is wet when handed in we can’t be responsible for any damage that may occur through hanging it in that state.

Please note:  All pictures must be offered for sale. We are sorry but we cannot accept any “Not For Sale” labels. To make the exhibition and sale as enjoyable and successful for everyone as possible, please consider asking a reasonable price.

4. Exhibition and sale Sunday September 4 2016 at the Posthoornkerk, Haarlemmerstraat 124-126, 1013 EX Amsterdam. Please bring with you the same 2-Day Artist’s Pass (ticket) you presented on Saturday, as this entitles you to come into the exhibition and private view. 

Artist’s Private View and Pintar Prize. 11.00-12.00.  Before the exhibition opens to the public, artists are invited to a Private View, where the winners of the Pintar Prize will be announced. The Private View is also a terrific chance for artists to meet each other and the judges before the public arrive. 

The doors open to the public at 12noon and close at 5.30pm.

Please do try and stay at the exhibition to meet potential buyers and to enjoy the day.

5. After the exhibition. All unsold works will be available for the artists to pick up between 5.30pm – 6.00pm, after the doors have closed to the public.  Other than in exceptional circumstances, we ask all artists (and buyers) to keep the work on display until the close, so that the exhibition doesn’t become depleted.

If you wish, you can authorise us to provide your contact details on the registration form to the buyer of your painting.  We cannot give you contact details of the buyers.

Please note: As we can't store paintings that are not collected, all uncollected pictures will be donated to charity.  If you can’t collect your own picture after 5.30pm on the day, please authorise someone else to do it for you and let us know when you hand it in. We will check IDs for those collecting paintings, but you can also use your 2-Day Artist’s Pass for this purpose Our full terms and conditions