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The Pintar Prize 2019

Everyone who takes part in Pintar Rapido is automatically entered into the Pintar Prize.

The judging will take place the morning of the Pintar Rapido exhibition on Sunday June23. The winners will be announced at 12 noon. The judges will be awarding artists who they believe have best captured the spirit of city in their picture. 

This year the prizes will be awarded in two categories.

Professional/semi-professional artists

Amateur artists


Hashim Akib Hashim(Hash) Akib

Hash began his artistic career as an illustrator working in both editorial and design for over fifteen years. Having moved away from illustration and into fine art he has won numerous awards, including in 2009 the SAA (Society of All Artists) Artist of the Year.

Hash has been featured in various art publications including The Artist, Pratique des Arts, Art of England and is a regularly contributor to the Artists&Illustrators magazine.  Hashim is represented by several galleries in the UK and has exhibited with the Royal Institute of Oil Painters, New English Art Club and Royal Society of Marine Artists at the Mall Galleries in London. He has a new book out in March 2017 , Painting Urban and City Landscapes.

Adebanji Alade Adebanji Alade

Adebanji is a prolific painter and sketcher based out of his studio in London’s Chelsea, and a previous first prize winner Pintar Rapido.

In his owns,  “I strive to bring the force and power of the sketch into every piece I embark on. I am a strong believer in sketching and I believe everything in art starts with a sketch, so, in my works you’ll always feel the power and sense of a captured moment.”

Along with his appearances on BBC’s The One Show, where he is fast becoming their resident artist, he also teaches at Heatherley’s School of Fine Art and is a member of The Royal Institute of Oil Painters and The Chelsea Art Society.

Sally Hales

Sally Hales the Editor of Artist&Illustrator magazine, the UK's best-selling magazine for artists and art lovers, providing expert advice and inspiration every issue.


Hashim Akib. "Circus", 81cm x 102cm. Acrylic on canvas.

Adebanji Alade, "The Buzz of Kensington Church Street," 75cm x 61cm. Acrylic on canvas.